There are two peculiar characteristics of pure faith. It sees God behind all the blessings and imperfect works which tend to conceal Him, and it holds the soul in a state of continued suspense. Faith seems to keep us constantly up in the air, never quite certain of what is going to happen in the future; never quite able to touch a foot on solid ground. But faith is willing to let God act with the most perfect freedom, knowing that we belong to Him and are to be concerned only about being faithful in that which he has given us to do for the moment. —Let Go by Francois Fenelon

Branch, Jim. The Blue Book: A Devotional Guide for Every Season of Your Life (Kindle Locations 1752-1757). Kindle Edition.

LORD of goodness, greatness, and grace; help me trust YOU in the dark times and find joy in the fact that YOU are trustworthy.  Amen