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Why Should I support Living Water?

Since 1990, we have helped over 30,000 people and seen thousands of hearts and homes healed. Our vision has been to provide compassionate donation-based counseling and training to hurting hearts and homes.

We have never refused anyone counsel regardless of their ability to pay for the help they have received. Your gifts enable us to help the missionary family in crisis that has no financial resources, the sexually abused teenager, the abused wife who has no resources, and the depressed college student who is hanging on by a thread to life.

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We need Partners

Partner with us $60.00 to pay for an hour of counseling

Partner with us $1,200 to pay for a week of counseling for 20 people.

Partner with us $20,000 to help have 4 months of counseling for 20 people.

We also need to begin a strategic fund of $20,000. This will help us bring on an Executive Director of Development to help us improve the processes that run our ministry, help us reach more groups with our programs, and increase the financial resources of our ministry.

Will you partner with us so we can expand our ministry to help hurting souls?

Ask the Lord what he would have you do.

Thank you for listening to the Lord about this matter.

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