Human beings struggle to exercise self-control or be guided by their best principles when they enter into the area of sexuality in their lives. For every person this becomes a challenge, which on the one hand seems to have such great potential for an expression of love and on the other hand can create unspeakable harm and hurt.

This is not helped by a society that has drunk deeply of the philosophy of the sexual revolution that promised salvation to society if only we removed sexual restraints. Get rid of our hang-ups and let it all hang out would be the cure to all the evils found in culture. Freedom over responsibility and spontaneity over self control would be the road to a brave new world.

The idea that the sexual aspect of our humanity might be sacred is something our secular society could not imagine. Sexuality might be the ultimate concern of our lives but we knew it was something low and dirty, not high and defining.

So the idea that human sexuality is really to be an image of God’s union and communion with humanity is rarely heard even in the church. Yet this was the view that allowed the Song of Solomon to be a part of the Jewish and Christian canon.

Only when we define sexuality as sacred will we begin to be able to put this part of our lives into proper context.