Submitted by J & C P.

We have had Dr. Norm Wise as our counselor for about 20 years.

He has an amazing way of taking complex issues and making them simple. His counsel has always been clear and practical.

What a blessing he has been to us.

Submitted by Anonymous

Good morning, God is so good! I am always so thankful and grateful for my healing journey at Living Water Counseling.

Dr. Wilson supported me into becoming a Christian counselor, specializing in marriage and family. I have yet to be led into a position as I have a business that keeps me busy at the moment. I do have the rare opportunity to work with families on an intimate basis in my practice now, so I suppose I am still in training!

I am in prayer over my future and as God leads we may speak again soon. Have a wonderful rest of your week Dr. Wise and thank you so much for taking your valuable time to connect with me!

Submitted by R.H.

“Living Water Christian Counseling has been a blessing to my life in many ways.  They’ve helped me to get to the root causes of life-long issues and they are helping me to find sane, sound, and spiritual ways to approach problem solving and parenting & relationships as a whole.

I love having and receiving wise counsel from godly leaders that keep things in God’s order and perspective.

It’s by God’s grace that I am here and I’m eternally grateful.”

Submitted by J. D. on 8/27/18

“Letty is a great counselor. She has helped me get out things I needed to talk about.”

Submitted by R. D.

“They’re great. Helped me a lot.”

Submitted by B & M. S.

“We are truly grateful for the guidance and support we’ve had through this ministry.  Our family is blessed, healthy, and intact through what we have learned here.”

Submitted by M.K.

“Changed my life. I love my counselor.”

Submitted by D.M.

“Living Waters and Phyllis have helped me see who I truly am in Christ. They have helped me see that through the healing power of Jesus, I can have confidence in myself and forgive and let go of all my past hurts. Thank you!”

Submitted by L.B.

“Letty has helped me to learn how to draw my strength from the Lord rather than looking towards myself – to connect parts of me and what I do in the world unto the Lord and Ministry. She has and continues to be a blessing for so many reasons!!!”

Submitted by D.E.

“I came with a broken heart and I was able to share my heart without judgement. It’s nice to sit and share my heart with someone that will not repeat what I say and understands what I say and feel is important to me. I love that God is the center of conversation also.  Thank you Letty.”

“Living Water through the Word of God, counseling, and Life Skills saved a marriage that was becoming a victim of two deeply wounded people in need of healing.

That marriage was mine!

Please give to this ministry!  They do all their counseling based on a donation and provide scholarships for their classes.  They will use your gifts to help people like me.”

“Life Skills has changed my life and I have seen it change the lives of so many other people as well.  The interaction with the people in the group is powerful and engaging.  I highly recommend this learning experience to all men and women who want to grow in a healthy development of their lives with God.”

“Living Water Counseling helped me to:

  1. Forgive myself
  2. Let go of my anger in a healthy way
  3. Learn how to use self-talk to change my emotions and actions
  4. Discover false ‘Life Commandments’ that were hurting others and myself
  5. Understand what genuine love is and is not”