2019 June Classes

Succeeding At Life Institute Classes in June 2019
Take Classes That Can Transform Your Life & Relationships!

Pursuing Sane Relationships
June 8, through June 29, 2019.
Saturdays – 5 PM to 7PM
Pursuing Sane Relationships
Based on Dr. Normans Wise’s book “Sane Relationships”
Facilitated by Marc Syler
( Click here for information about Marc Syler )
Description: When faced with painful and difficult relationships, we long for stability. Discover 12 key beliefs that create a healthy framework for sane relationships. In this class you will be introduced to practical changes you can make in your thinking that are sure to make your relationships better.
$100 paid in full on June 8th
$30 paid weekly
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Succeeding At Life!
Based on Dr. Norman Wise’s book Succeeding At Life
Facilitated byAnn White(Click for information on Ann)
Wednesday Nights June 12-July 106 Weeks7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Learn the keys to living a sane, stable, and spiritual life. Find out how to make peace with your past, live in your present, and plan for your future. Dr. Norman Wise outlines a blueprint for life that can bring true success to any who follow it.
This program provides practical tools to create a lifestyle that is filled with stability and productivity! Don’t miss this opportunity to really get a firm foundation established in your life.
Plan to attend and call 954-726-2303 to register.
Paid in full by June 12 $120 Dollars
Paid Weekly$30 each week