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Sometimes I just like someone to give me an outline of what it takes to do things. This helps my mind remember better than reading lots of things. So for those who like outlines here is one for the development of a happy Christian marriage.

Seven Keys to Happy Christian Marriage
1. Real Personal Spirituality

a) Truly converted not just cultural Christian – Real Christianity William Wilberforce translated by Bob Beltz

b) Individually know how to experience true spirituality as sane, stable, and spiritual mature adults. (John 15:1-8) True Spirituality by Dr. Francis Schaeffer

2. Real Acceptance of each other for who we are

a) Wonderfully made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-28)

b) Wonderfully born again and now my eternal brother or sister in Christ (John 1:12)

c) Wonderfully chosen before the foundation of the world to be my husband or wife
(Ephesians 1 – Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

d) Wounded by living “East of Eden” by hurtful circumstances and relationships. (Isaiah 61:1)

e) Weak in having limited abilities and skills and therefore needing to depend on God for strength and others in community to be complete our callings in life. (Romans 12:1-5)

f) Wicked in that we seriously sin in thought, word, and deed everyday even after we have come to faith in Christ. (Romans 7)

g) Wild at times in moments of great passion aimed at great good or tragic evil. (Romans 6:12)

3. Acceptance of each other’s dominating personality type with its differences. Creating a “team” outlook that uses each other’s strengths without resentment.

a) Decision maker and achiever
b) Socializer and influencer
c) Organizer and calculator
d) Healer and communicator ( See Sane Relationships by Dr. Norman Wise)

4. Faith in the 100% rule and willingness to take personal responsibility for our words, actions, and attitudes and reject false guilt in refusing to accept responsibility for another person’s words actions or attitudes.

5. Commitment to having a daily friendship time of thirty minutes in which we share the good, bad, ugly, and dreams.

a) Good – Any positive experience
b) Bad – Any pain producing experience
c) Ugly – Admitting anything I believe I may have done that hurt you (not every day)
d) Dream – Hopes about positive future experiences

6. A process for solving problems which avoids destructive argument
(Peace Table Training call LuAnn  at 954-914-8650 to set up a time)

7. Having a weekly date that is fun.

So there you have it. An outline of what it takes to have an effective Christian marriage. Go and apply.