Love of Death Self-Talk


What is self-talk?


Self-talk a person’s internal dialogue, which can be positive and motivational or negative and demotivating.


Part of this internal dialogue can be a wish for death or idealization about suicide.  How can we weaken such internal conversation?


One is to replace this focus on death as an answer to our problems with realistic self-talk about life, death, and suicide.  


If someone suffers from such thoughts on a regular basis then this self-talk or one like it should be used 6 times a day, said out loud if possible, and ideally while looking in a mirror.  It should also be used whenever the internal dialogue begins to go down the road of desiring or idealizing death.


You should alter this suggested self-talk to fit you.  Keep it healthy and holy however.  So if you do alter you may want to ask a friend if it seems alright. 


Self-Talk to Overcome “love of death” internal dialogue


My life is God’s gift to me!

I don’t own my life, it belongs to God, but I manage it for God!

Suicide is a sin not a solution!

The pain in me will only spread to others if I kill myself.

The people who love me the most would suffer the most from my death.

The people who hate me will be glad to hear of my death.

I will only multiply pain and suffering by my death.

My life has purpose!

My life is going to help others!

God has begun a good work in my life and will finish it?

My life has great value for I am made in God’s image

My life has great value for God has bought me by HIS blood.

I don’t know the future so should not take my life over fear about what will happen.

If I died prematurely, then I will rob people of the good I may have produced.

My life is God’s gift to me!