Meditation on Psalm 76

Living Creator with infinite power and love of justice, it is easy to forget because of YOUR mercy and grace, that YOU are KING of kings and LORD of lords.  YOU are the ultimate ruler and judge. 

All the military power of the nations is nothing to YOU.  The might of humanity is just like toys of small children.  The most mighty and strongest among us can be cast into sleep and made helpless with but a whisper of YOUR heart.  All the great strength of our humanity fades with less then a shadow of a thought from YOU. 

At the end of YOUR patience and compassion comes YOUR just wrath and righteous judgment is to be feared!  When YOU arise in holy anger, every atom of creation stands silent and trembles, for existence itself can cease at YOUR will. 

YOU come to defend the weak, the helpless, the oppressed, the needy, and the humble.  YOU are their Savior, Hero, and Rescuer. 

The powerful who now persecute and plague those who have no power will see their anger and rage become like a breeze, without energy, and unable to do harm.  They will be crippled. 

Repent now you with power.  Bow before the TRUE and GOOD KING.  End  YOUR oppression and vow YOUR allegiance to the GREAT and ALL POWERFUL LORD.  Provide your wealth and abilities to build HIS KINGDOM of compassion and justice.  FEAR the true KING now before the final day of just wrath comes to all creation. 

Those who have been given power and privilege will be judged severely for the one who is given much from much is required.  Let the rulers of the earth awaken and humble themselves before the GREAT CREATOR and JUDGE. 

LORD, awaken our leaders and humble them.   Cripple their pride.  Commit them to telling the truth.  Make them mature in their thoughts, words, and actions.  May they seek to serve instead of wanting to be served.  Give them hearts of integrity and a desire to do justice, love mercy, and live before YOU in true humility. 

Save the President, the courts, and the congress.  Wake us out of our slumber and help make us peacemakers. Those that bring light instead of darkness.  Save us from a spirit of fear and provide for us a vision of YOUR kingdom being done on earth as in heaven.  Save us!   

For YOUR Glory now bring revival and convict us of our transgressions against love and logic.  Take us out of the darkness of lies and bring to us the light of the truth.  Help us admit our wrongs that we might stop doing wrong. 

Come now great God of mighty salvation and do in our days what only YOU can do. 

YOUR kingdom come and YOUR will be done on earth as in heaven. 

LORD have mercy, Messiah Jesus have mercy, LORD have mercy.  Amen