Spiritual Process to Get Ready for A New Year!

 This is a guided journaling to seek an understanding of ourselves and God’s purpose

 A.  Life Inventory

  1. What are your significant strengths?
  2. What are your significant weaknesses?
  3. What are the significant opportunities in the next year?
  4. What are the significant threats facing you in the next year?

B. Prayerful meditation and imagining about what God would have in mind for someone with your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. What purpose do you think that God is shaping you to accomplish?

C.  Meditation on Scripture passages:

      1. Read carefully Romans 12 and from it attempt to define God’s will for the next year.

What does this passage say to you?

  • Hook – What in Romans 12 grabs you and gets your attention?
  • Head – What key ideas from Romans 12 most impact you?
  • Heart – What emotions are stirred up in you when you read Romans 12?
  • Hand – What actions will you take based on what you read in Romans 12?

    2. Do the same process on Luke 5:1-11

    3. Do the same process on John 21:1-25

    4.  Do the same process on Ezekiel 37:1-10

     5.  Do the same process on John 5:1-9

 What questions do you have based on these readings?

 Is there any particular specific guiding you think came to you through these passages?

 D.  Answer three key questions as you begin a new year. Answer each one carefully and prayerfully.

  1. What is important about this year?
  2. What must get done this year?
  3. What is growth and change do I want to make this year?

 Ask the Lord what might be the big theme or word that best reflects your vision for this year.

What songs or poems inspire or guide you in preparing for the next year.

Spend time in just private worship of the Lord.

Have a blessed New Year!