Always learning new things when I read the bible

Biblical Musing

2 Timothy 4:2preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.

It surprised me to see that this passage mainly focuses on Timothy doing the work of an evangelist to the general public and not really focused on preaching to believers at a worship service. It is more “outward” focused than “inward” focused.

Preach here is the Apostle Paul charging his friend and successor with awful seriousness, to “preach,” or proclaim. loudly and publicly, as a herald would announce the accession of his king. This in the “market place” and to those in the world, not at a church meeting. This would be evangelism.

The Word is The Logos – So really to preach Christ Jesus to people in the public square

Be urgent and press on despite persecution to continue to present the gospel to unbelievers.

In all seasons, Paul urges on God’s true servants a restless, sleepless earnestness, which struggles on with the Master’s work to make disciples in spite of bodily weakness and discouragement, in face of dangers and the bitterest opposition.

Reprove the unbeliever is here viewed as being “convicted” of, his sinful state; so in Luke 3:19; – This seems to be a ministry to unbelievers to have them feel guilty of their sins. Unless people are under God’s judgment for their immoral behavior why would they need a Savior.

Rebuke is a command to stop sinning. Call to repentance. Turn from sin.

Exhort is to call people to faith. Command them to believe and be comforted by the promises of the gospel.

Complete patience – To have a long-suffering, kind, and enduring ministry to people who are not showing signs of conviction, repentance, or faith.

Teaching doctrine in the community of believers to those who have been converted so that they may be able to live effectively a life worthy of the gospel. Here we see those who have repented and believed in Messiah Jesus being taught to observe all things that HE commanded. This is the training of those who have become disciples.