Praying in the Dark Times

Meditation On Psalm 55

LORD, the dark lord, enemy of my soul oppresses me and drops trouble upon me in unholy wrath and fury. Like a lion he seeks to devour me. The one who opposes all good wants to eat up YOUR people.

Hear my cry to YOU! Creator and all powerful maker of all things, do not hide from my desperate plea for YOUR mercy from the accuser. Help me now! Help us now!

In the deepest part of my soul I fear sorrow and great fear. Everything seems out of control and my wish is to fly away from all my troubles. I would like to just find a safe shelter that would allow the storms of life to pass over me.

Lord be my refuge and shelter. Be my safe place. Let me rest in YOU.

The culture is filled with violence, strife, iniquity,trouble, ruin, oppression, and lies. We do not know our right from our left hand. Wisdom has departed from us. We call darkness light and light darkness. We are lost sheep.

Good shepherd come and save us from the wolves.

Lord, those that we called friend now work for evil. Those we loved now are ruled by darkness. Our hopes have been betrayed. They plan harm against us for their own good. We do not matter to them. Help us now. Save us.

Risen King Messiah come now and hear the moans and complaints of YOUR people and renew, revive, restore, and reform us. Bring YOUR great redemption to the earth and open the eyes of many to become true disciples. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.

Convert the betrayers or cripple their efforts to stop the truth of the gospel. Break the power of evil in our generation. Raise up truth and reduce the power of lies.

Lord, the burden of my soul breaks me. It is so heavy that I cannot lift it. Carry it for me. I cast it upon YOU and help my faith in YOU not be moved.

Lord, remember mercy in YOUR judgment. Help my confidence in YOU and YOUR plan be my peace and comfort.

Lord, now bring me the help I need this day to live the life YOU have called me to live for YOUR glory. Amen