Eternal and personal Creator and Redeemer who is LOVE help me to become aware of YOUR presence, power, and peace now.  Awaken my spiritual senses to YOU being with us.  

LORD, teach me to love as you love.  Teach us to love as you love.  Make your people, your disciples, become now the greatest lovers of righteousness, without become self-righteous and proud of being righteous, knowing that whatever we have is a gift from YOU.  

Keep us from thinking that our love for righteousness allows us to treat badly those who fall short and sin.  Help us see the sin that remains in us that we may fall in love more with YOU knowing that we are worse than we think we are and that our only hope is that while we were yet sinners YOU died for us motivated by YOUR LOVE.   LORD humble us. 

Help us to love so much that we are silent and never accusing, gossiping, and slandering others.  Let our words only be those of love. 

Help us to love so much that we are bold in proclaiming the wonder of YOUR love to others in a gentle and compassionate way that fits the person and the occasion. 

Help us love one another so much that we speak of the goodness and strength of others and not their weaknesses and flaws.  

Help us love one another so that we seek opportunities to help those in need in YOUR name and because of YOUR love.  

Help us love TRUTH so much that we will live by that truth.

Make YOUR people, YOUR community, YOUR BODY now become saturated with YOUR LOVE, HOLY SPIRIT come and pour out YOUR LOVE into our hearts by lifting up the LORD JESUS before our eyes and understanding the cost of LOVE that the FATHER was willing to suffer and allow our hearts to learn how to love from YOU.  

By this YOU have said the world will know we are YOUR disciples if we love each other even as YOU have loved us and that if we are united in truth and love then all will believe that the SON was sent by the FATHER.  YOU have told us that the final validation of TRUTH is YOUR LOVE in us.  Teach us to become channels of YOUR LOVE into the world. 

The enemy has always tempted us to not love.  He knows nothing of love.  He hates love.  Deliver us from the insanity of the enemy who comes to divide, bring division, and destroy the LOVE that is in the body of Christ.  LORD, crush the serpent’s head today by having us LOVE to LOVE.  

LORD, keep us from fiddling while Rome burns making much of small things, getting heated over issues that will mean nothing in eternity, and forgetting YOUR LOVE and KINGDOM in the midst of this crisis YOU have designed to humble us and turn us around.  

Make us effective in being the salt and light of the world for YOUR glory, our good, and the good of world in need of a witness of YOUR LOVE.   

We are desperate, we are weak, we are sinful, we are blind, we are foolish, we are selfish, we are proud, we have lost our way.

Remember we are but dust and speak the WORDS of life to us that from these ashes will spring forth new life, new hope, and new LOVE.  

Raise us up out of death and darkness into YOUR life and light.   For YOUR glory show YOUR power to deliver and save.  

Now today!  Awaken us!  Make us become a manifestation of YOUR WISE LOVE before the nations.  Take away the plague in such a way that the world must acknowledge YOUR power but also that YOUR people have become a sign of YOUR LOVE to all.  

LORD, now act!  Please we beg YOU great HERO of heaven, Come and save us from ourselves.  Demonstrate the truth of YOUR gospel by an outpouring of LOVE as never before has been witnessed in all history.  Amen