Great LORD who can give life, take life, build, and destroy …. Savior who redeems at infinite cost … SPIRIT that can guide, comfort, and teach …. Now hear my prayer because of the sacrifice on the cross and resurrection from the dead. Lord have pity, mercy, patience, and compassion on me today.

Fill me now for I am discouraged. Be my courage today.

Provide me YOUR WORD today, spoken directly to me to transform me, for I feel deaf today.

Give me faith to trust YOU in the dark because I am puzzled, scared, confused, and disappointed.

Provide for me the gift of repentance, hatred of evil, and hunger for righteousness for I can be tempted to compromise with evil.

Grant me a “Gethsemane surrender” to YOUR will for I wish this cup of testing could pass from me today.

Abide with me today and give me wisdom to sit at YOUR feet and hear YOUR voice.

Deliver me from the evil one who desires to kill, steal, and destroy all you plan to provide in life, gifts, and accomplishment of YOUR plan for my life, for I feel his servants striving to deceive and devastate my life. YOU living and ressurrected High Priest Jesus,

Crush the head of the serpent under the feet of YOUR community of disciples now at this time in great power.

I pray this not just for myself, but for my children, my grandchildren, my extended family, my friends, my church, and those YOU have called me to influence for good this day.

Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as in Heaven!

Heavenly Father be glorified!

Father in heaven have mercy, Messiah Jesus have mercy, and Comforter SPIRIT have mercy now and respond to our cries this day.