How To Plan A Spiritual Retreat

I. Put it in your calendar

1. A time – half a day, a whole day, or a weekend
2. A place – Quiet, reflective, and safe

II. Bring

1. A way to record your thoughts – a journal, electronic pad, computer
2. Books to reflect upon – Bible, devotionals, or any book speaking to you
3. Reflective music

III. Don’t Bring

1. Your phone – Turn it off not just on buzz
2. Distractions from the other parts and aspects of your world

IV. Define your purpose

1. Just experience God
2. To talk to God about one particular issue in your life
3. To take time to look for “true north” in your life
4. To get caught up in your prayer life
5. To deal with one particular temptation or loss in your life
6. To discover God’s will
7. To find strength and comfort from God
8. Whatever you decide

V. The process

1. Prayer and worship – Sing some songs – Have a time to total silence
2. Read – Focus on one small section of scripture or one book of the bible
3. Journal – Write out your thoughts, emotions, insights, and questions
4. Take time to walk about every hour. – Prayer and meditation – Talk to yourself about what you have experienced
5. Fast or feast – If you eat make sure you enjoy it
6. Write down resolutions or decision you make
7. Thank God during the day for meeting with you

VI. Examples

1. Read through a gospel – Read one chapter at a time
2. Read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7)
3. Write out your life story from birth to the present and look for verses that relate to each part of your life.
4. Write out in-depth a problem you are facing and then seek wisdom concerning this problem. Write out and meditate on verses that relate to the problem.
5. Seek God’s power to overcome a moral weakness. Talk to God about the roots of this weakness. Do a radical moral inventory related to this weakness confessing all aspects of it and facing the cost of your moral failure in your life and the life of others.
6. Spend 10 minutes praying in-depth about each prayer issue in your life. Look for verses that relate. Seek new wisdom about how to pray for each issue or person.
7. Make of list of questions you have and seek God’s answers for each question in prayer and meditation on scripture.

VII. Resources

1. How to spend a day in prayer –

2. How to have a personal prayer retreat

3. How to have a retreat day

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