Finding how to overcome addictions and not relapse again after recovery from an addiction

Ending Addiction Relapse

By Dr. Norman Wise

A Parable

Step One:  Ending The Addiction

Coming to the deep revelation and conclusion that the pain of the addiction is greater than the pain of recovery & sobriety

Coming to see that the addiction is not part of a lifestyle of faith in Christ Jesus and that the two are totally incompatible. 

Relapse is not part of Recovery!

Once you stop Then get a plan to not start again

  1. Make a cost list & read it to yourself 7 times a day out loud and when possible look in a mirror.
  • Get weekly counseling for one year aimed at keeping you sober for accountability
  • Get into groups supporting being sober and do 90 meeting in 90 days to reinforce your desire to end our addiction
  • Get a “buddy” who will support you at bad times
  • Journal out all of the garbage you feel and then tear it up.
  • Journal on your “triggers” and “signs” and develop a plan for each of them.  Focus on not allowing the “snowball” to become the “avalanche”
  • Dedicate one hour a day to reading, praying, journaling, walking, doing things that make you stronger
  • End every day looking to make a list of positive things.
  • Look for ways to help others
  1. Ask for the Holy Spirit to control you 7 times a day
  1. Find something fun to do that has nothing to do with your addiction and plan to be available for fun everyday
  2. Stay busy with positive things. 
  1. Make up an “emergency box” and in it put your cost list, a letter your sober self writes to your “tempted to relapse” self-explaining all the reasons why you should not stop being sober and read this out loud in a mirror to yourself, pictures of people who will be hurt if your relapse, and any physical items that speak to you of your recovery.  A list of names and phone numbers to call when tempted to relapse.   Promise yourself you will not take anything till going through your emergency box. 

Study on how to not relapse