Get a journal & a bible.  Go to a quiet and peaceful place.  Ask God to help you to prepare for the next year.

I.                 Inventory.

During the inventory phase, consider your life’s journey so far. What do you “own”, both literally and figuratively? If your life were a large warehouse, and everything you have and are is stacked on shelves…. Take an inventory! Obviously, it won’t be complete but write a list of those things that seem significant. What passions and desires do you have? What have you achieved? Where have you failed? Who are you? What gifts do you have? What experiences have you had, both hard and good? How has God used you?

My life victories that God has given me

My life defeats

My Strengths

My Weakness

My Opportunities

The Threats to me now




God “Sightings” in my life

II. What do you think God has in mind for you?

Next, take some time for prayerful imagining. If you were God…. what might you have in mind for someone who had this inventory? How might you be shaping this person for your purposes (as God)? This is obviously only an imagination exercise…. But play with it; perhaps God will reveal something as you step outside your life circumstances and consider the bigger picture.

What comes to mind? (write it down in journal)

III. Reflect.


At the beginning of a year we reflect on what God’s will is for us, so that we might be available and obedient to it, above any other interest. Reflect on Romans 12 mark it up. What strikes you? What    if anything stands out?  What and Why?

 Additional Scriptures to reflect upon:

Luke 5: 1 – 11; Luke 13:1-5; Luke 18:1-8; John 3 ; John 21 ; Ezekiel 37: 1 – 10

What questions do you have for God based on these readings?

What might God be speaking to you through these (or other passages on your heart) today?

IV.       Questions to answer

For the next portion of your time, reflect on these three questions.  What’s unique about this “moment’ of time that we are in.  What milestones will be happening this year? What decisions need to be made? What key transitions, important growth or other change might be needed?  Answer these types of questions in your journal.

1.         What’s important about this year?

2.         What must get done this year from God’s point of view?

V.        Kingdom Vision & Prayer

Pray about what might be an over-arching theme or word that best reflects your vision for the next year. Also, pause to ask God what is one thing you could do to draw closer to Jesus this year?

Pray to be controlled and possessed by the Holy Spirit this year

Pray to be given a heart ready to receive HIS WORD and bear much fruit

Pray for the LORD to increase your faith, trust, and reliance upon HIM

Pray for the LORD to turn you away from sin and renew your mind

Pray for the LORD to allow you to surrender to HIS love and will

Pray for the LORD Jesus to abide with you and bear much fruit in you

Pray for the LORD to deliver you from the devil, the world, and unbelief

Spend time in praise, worship, contemplative prayer, and seeking the LORD!

May you have a blessed and fruitful new year

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