Meditations on Psalm 2

Great and Good King of the Universe, Redeeming Creator of all things, why do we rebel against YOU? Why do we reject YOUR rule? Why are do we go our own way.

LORD awaken our government to see the futility of fighting YOU. Save us from self interest and rejection of justice. Messiah forgive us as a culture for rejecting YOU and wanting to break free from YOUR truth. Forgive us for putting YOUR name on our immoral plans claiming to be a “Christian nation” but not really following YOU.

LORD awaken all the governments of the earth to see the insanity of rejecting YOUR kingdom and rule. Grant to each culture a true spiritual revival and awakening. Have mercy on the nations although we deserve YOUR just judgment.

Lord awaken my heart to see that I also have wanted to be free of YOUR rule. To break away. To be a stray sheep. To seek a “freedom” that is really slavery. To reject a rule that is really freedom. Lord Messiah Jesus have mercy on me.

Help me see that YOU LORD are not worried about our rebellion. It can never stop YOUR plan. In response to our rebellion YOU have with all authority and power simply commanded the gospel of the Kingdom to be established. Messiah Jesus, Lord who is God the Son and became the Son of God, has been granted dominion over all creation because of YOUR sacrifice and suffering on the cross.

Resurrected Messiah now help us see YOU as victorious and over all.

Today LORD Messiah, let me be wise.

Today LORD Messiah let my family be wise.

Today LORD Messiah let my nation be wise

Today LORD Messiah let all the nations be wise.

Give us hearts to serve YOU and YOU alone.

Give us joy because of YOUR great forgiving grace and fear of rebelling against YOU.

Let us out of love submit to YOU.

LORD Messiah Jesus be our refuge and rescue us.

Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy Amen

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