Musings on 1 Corinthians 4:1-7

Lord of heaven, I am called to manage YOUR affairs on earth that YOU have delegated to me. I am so see all I have as belonging to YOU and that I am only one watching over that which is really YOURS.

This includes my time, money, resources, and relationships. All that I have is really YOURS. Help me see this. Help me be faithful in this.

Lord, help me live in the light that one day I will have to give an account to YOU concerning all I do and how well I have managed YOUR many gifts for YOU during my life. YOU will not only look at my deeds but the purposes of my heart. Lord have mercy on me and help me be faithful in words, actions, and attitudes.

Allow me not to fear the judgment of other people or even institutions but to only live in sober recognition that YOU, Living and Loving ONE, will examine my life.

All that I have, YOU LORD, have given me. I have nor reason be be proud or self righteous about anything I have done or possess. For all has come through YOU and really should be for YOU and YOU alone.

Lord give me a heart of a servant and a desire to serve.

Lord, give me some focus this day. Amen