Meditation Psalm 18:1-6

LORD, I love YOU help me to love YOU more.

Redeeming Creator, YOU are my strength and give me the ability to do all things worth doing.

In YOU I find my solid ground and protection. YOU rescue me and provide me refuge from the struggles and storms of life.

YOU are my protection and provision and the place where I can find safety and security.

LORD, YOU hear my cries and rescue me from the lies and attacks of the dark lord of evil. YOU have saved me from my own insanity and had pity on me even when I was a rebel and transgressor.

YOU are worthy of all honor, admiration, and love.

I have felt the trap of darkness, death, and destruction. It seemed hopeless to think I would escape from the chaos. I knew I had no way of escape.

In my desperation I cried out to YOU Good LORD, to YOU, my ultimate hope and help who has all power and wisdom. I cried for help and from the eternity outside of time and space, YOU heard my voice and my cries reached YOUR ears. In YOUR greatness and exaltation YOU still heard me. YOUR love for me focused YOUR attention on me and YOU rescued me.

How can such a great reality be? How can one so great, care for one so small?

Thank YOU for being my rock, fortress, deliverer, shield, victory, and stronghold. Thank you for YOUR grace. LORD have mercy on me today. Amen