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Psalm 22:12-21

Good and great Lord Jesus, YOU were surrounded by those who hated and scorned YOU. YOUR life was poured out for my sins. YOUR body was tortured for my transgressions. YOUR heart was broken for me. YOU who are strength became weak to save me. YOU suffered dehydration and thirst on the cross that I might have living water. YOUR hands and feet were pierced for my moral failings. YOU were humiliated and publicly shamed in nakedness so that I might be given your glory.

YOUR suffering of hell fire on the cross was for me taking upon YOURSELF the just punishment for my sins.

After YOUR victory over sin YOU were raised to life to beat death itself.

May YOU, LORD JESUS be praised and may I thank YOU forever for YOUR great sacrifice and infinitely costly gift of eternal life to me.

LORD, at times I feel that the powers of evil surround me as well. Chaos seems to stalk me like a hungry lion. I feel hunted and empty of strength. At times I am betrayed by those who once were my friends. The darkness seems to want to swallow me.

So risen and living LORD JESUS, don’t be far from me. Help me now and come quickly to my aid! Deliver me from the dark lord and his legions of demons and save my life. Abide in me and allow me to abide in YOU that my life might matter and accomplish YOUR will on earth. Save me from failing YOU today and help me accomplish YOUR redemptive will in my life. Lord, have mercy. Amen