Meditation on Psalm 68

Great God of Redeeming Love, those who are oppressors, haters, war makers, promoters of injustice, fostering prejudice among those of different colors and cultures, exploiters, and manipulators YOU will cripple and crush bringing on them the fruit of their deeds. The evil will not always rule and escape consequences.

YOU great KING of the universe are the Father to the fatherless and protector of the poor, the weak, the helpless, and those without power. LORD manifest YOUR power and protection today!

YOU have provided for the needy and watched over YOUR people in the wilderness. YOU saved them from the tyrant and provided for them in the desert.

YOU scatter the powerful and give victory to the despised.

LORD, YOUR power is beyond measure and no finite temporal power can defeat YOU. In YOUR resurrection from the dead and sacrifice for our sins YOU have defeated the dark lord and have freed YOUR people from the kingdom of sin and bought us into YOUR kingdom showering us with YOUR mercy and gifts.

Great God of all creation YOU are our salvation and hope. YOU will defeat the dark enemies of our souls and bring justice to the earth.

Show YOUR power now great Redeemer and bring all nations YOUR gospel and let all the kingdoms of the earth now sing YOU praise and see YOU as awesome and powerful. Take away our fear of tyrants in the light of YOUR justice and power. Give us hope in YOUR salvation.

Lord have mercy on YOUR people!
Messiah have mercy on YOUR people!
LORD have mercy on YOUR people!