Bible - Word of the Day by Norm Wise

Psalm 29

Great God of mercy, Let me rightly see that YOU are the eternal, personal, present, living, all powerful, wise, all knowing, Creator and Redeemer and are full of strength and unique from everything and every one.

YOU TRUE GOD, are the GREAT LORD of heaven and earth. YOU should be recognized with awe by all of creation that has come from YOUR voice. YOU commanded and it all was. YOU spoke all of existence into being. YOUR word is a word of power. I give YOU glory Lord for YOU are worthy of praise and the deepest appreciation.

YOUR VOICE is powerful, majestic, greater than the power of all nations and peoples, able to break anything, controlling whatever YOU desire to control, bringing judgment, shaking the universe, providing for the sustaining of nature, and bringing many people to faith and true worship of YOU. At YOUR command, everything obeys.

LORD, with YOUR VOICE of power now speak revival, renewal, repentance, and restoration into this generation. Command the dry bones to live.

Great LORD Messiah Jesus, YOU are enthroned over all humanity and there is no end to YOUR rule. It is forever and ever.

Give to us today strength and peace. Help us to be effective ambassadors of YOUR strength and peace into this dark world. Manifest YOUR greatness through us and let us speak YOUR WORD into these times. Give us wisdom and the ability to speak.

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy. Amen