Meditation on Psalm 44

Great God of victory and deliverance,Savior and King.

Help me remember how YOU have given YOUR people victory and brought justice into the world in times past.

Grant the ability to bring to mind how YOU have stopped those who have done evil and established YOUR people in a secure place many times in history.

Allow me to see that all victories and good moments in my life are not due to my strength or abilities but to YOU alone.

YOU Messiah Jesus are my King and my God.

I do not trust in my strength or resources but only in YOUR power to save and grant success.

You have sent waves of revival and refreshment over and over again to preserve YOUR Church and give us success in the great commission.

But now it seems that YOU are not supporting our efforts. There is no revival. No great awakening takes place. We sow but the bird come to eat the seed. The soil is shallow and the fruit is false. The cares of the world choke out effectiveness. Opposition is growing and we are like sheep taken to slaughter.

Lord, show us where have forgotten YOU and been false to YOUR covenant. Convict us of our sins. Turn back our hearts to seek YOU and trust YOU in the dark. Put our lifestyles back on YOUR way.

LORD reveal to us our hidden faults. Grant us the grace to be persecuted for YOUR sake and endure to the end.

LORD, hear our cry! Awake and shake the nations once more! Rise up Great KING and out of YOUR steadfast love awaken us!

Don’t hide YOUR face from us. Do not forget our affliction and oppression. We are cast down into the dirt and need YOU to raise us up. Make the bones live again King of resurrection. Breathe on us!

Lord, have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy. Amen