Psalm 25:11-22

Holy and Only GOOD Redeeming Creator, pardon my many moral failures for they are great in number and seriousness. I have gravely failed to love as I ought to love.

Lord teach me YOUR ways and correct me with YOUR wisdom.

Let me always keep the reality of living in YOUR presence before me.

Thank YOU for calling me friend.

Let me understand the wonders of YOUR grace and commitment towards me.

Let me keep my focus on YOU and save me then from the traps of doubt, despair, and depression.

Come to me now Lord, for I am lonely, afflicted, with many troubles in my heart, distresses, afflictions, and troubles. Forgive me my sins in YOUR perfect sacrifice upon the tree.

Guard and deliver me for YOU are my refuge. Help me be honest with YOU. Defeat the plans of the dark forces that hate my soul.

Revive, Renew, and Reform YOUR people and help us be saved from the attacks of the devil. Save us from ourselves. Amen