Meditation on Psalm 52

LORD, forgive us that we have fallen into such insanity that we rejoice in doing evil. We rejoice in telling lies more than in telling the truth. How lost we have become. Truth has fallen in the street.

LORD, let us see that all sin is suicidal. Sin kills. It kills our souls, our relationships, and our spirituality. While offering us victory and pleasure it sucks the life from us.
Open us us to see the false promises of rebellion and seek YOUR kingdom righteousness sincerely. Change our minds! Change our hearts! Deliver us from our own insanity.

Make me like a green olive tree, planted by living water, in YOUR house and help me trust in YOUR unending and always victorious love. Keep my eyes focused on YOU.

I thank YOU for not forgetting me or leaving me in darkness. Surround me with YOUR light. YOU have delivered me from evil. YOU have saved me.

LORD, remember us and save us. Amen