Psalm 18:7-19

LORD, when you come in judgment who could stand before YOU? In YOUR rescue of YOUR people from oppressors and persecutors none can stand against YOU.

All the forces of nature are at YOUR command. Earthquakes, fire, water, wind, hailstones, lightning, and storm are all YOUR servants. Hurricanes and tornados can be drafted into YOUR grand host to defeat those who do evil.

You may wait 400 years as YOU did in Egypt and YOUR people may suffer much, but when YOUR patience ends, YOU hear the cries of YOUR people, then all the kings horses and men are powerless to stop YOUR GREAT DAY of deliverance and judgement.

One day the oppression and abuse will end and YOUR people will become free.

YOU have crushed the serpent’s head at the cross and in YOUR resurrection from the dead. He has bitten YOUR heal. YOU have suffered for the sins of YOUR people. The dark lord is defeated by YOUR death and resurrection. It is finished.

Rescue us now today from the darkness. Be our support here now as we still struggle “East of Eden”. Delight in YOUR people bought with YOUR blood and bring us into a time of amazing fruitfulness, in this generation. Abide in us and let us abide in YOU Messiah Jesus. Pour YOUR life out of us and into our times and cultures.

YOUR will be done on earth as in heaven. Show us how to be effective salt and light in this generation.

LORD, remember YOUR people and their great need of YOUR rescue and help. Rescue and help us today! Amen