Psalm 26

Lord, forgive me for not always walking in integrity or trusting YOU as I should. Increase my consistency and faith.

As you test my heart and mind do so under the covering of YOUR blood upon the cross and treat me in YOUR steadfast love and commitment to merciful grace. Give me a vision of YOUR perfect LOVE for me that my lifestyle may be full of faith.

I do not take counsel and strive to gain the approval of people who are filled with lies, manipulations, and plots for personal success at the expense of others. I do not ally myself with those who plan evil and do wicked things in order to succeed. Lord, keep me from returning evil for evil.

I dedicate my hands to seeking to become more and more pure and desire to worship YOU in passion, integrity, the power of the Spirit, and in Truth. Thank YOU for your infinite sacrifice for my sins upon the cross and the power of YOUR resurrection to give me assurance that YOUR sacrifice was real and sufficient.

LORD, increase my love of the kingdom of heaven and the power of the HOLY SPIRIT within me and allow me to have a hunger and thirst for righteousness and for YOU.

Save me from the just judgment coming upon humanity for their rebellion against YOU and righteousness.

LORD, redeem me and be gracious to me and help me develop a lifestyle of consistent application of true faith. Help me to be more sane, stable, and spiritual today that YOU may be glorified in my life as I reflect who YOU are in all I do.

LORD, redeem and have grace upon a great multitude from every nations and bring a great awakening to all nations. Revive, reform, and renew YOUR people. Make the dead bones live. Breathe on us.

Lord without YOU we can do nothing. Amen