Meditation on Psalm 74
LORD, have we been rejected? Are we beyond YOUR power to save us. Remember us under the blood of YOUR blood shed on the cross. Remember that YOU have redeemed us. YOU alone are our refuge and hope.
See the damage the enemy has accomplished. Behold YOUR temple is in ruins. The victory flags of unbelief and rebellion are flying proudly in the wind. The truth has been smashed to the ground. YOUR GOSPEL has defiled. Great God watch over YOUR persecuted people.
There is no sign of YOUR renewal o revival. We don’t know how long this will occur for we have no word from YOU.
Why do you wait? Why not restore, renew, and revive us today.
There is no lack of power in YOU. YOU have defeated evil and created all things. YOU rule and run every natural wonder.
Do not forget YOUR people but return to us full of blessings and help.
Remember YOUR covenant signed in YOUR blood and lift up the oppressed, afflicted, and needy.
Arise, O God and answer the voice of YOUR enemies.
Lord, have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy. Amen