Psalm 11

Lord, in a very unstable and abusive environment “East of Eden” I turn to YOU Redeeming Creator to be my safe place and shelter.

I feel like running away. Away from the danger, the betrayals, the hurts, and the pain. Running away to my fortress of solitude within my own soul in which I don’t let anyone in or let anything out.

It seems as though those who are dedicated to evil and abuse have the power. They persecute the righteous and try to make sure that the nice guys finish last.

Justice is abandoned for winning and gaining power. The very basic principles of society, life, and sanity seem to have been deserted and forgotten. What are we to do in such a time?

Eternal and always present ONE with all wisdom and power, YOUR temple and throne are in heaven and YOU see clearly all the insanity and sin of humanity.

YOU test us to see if we will trust YOU in the darkness. Even as YOU tested Job, so YOU test each of us.

YOUR righteous judgment will fall on those who are dedicated to striving to have power and control over others by abusing them and taking away from others simply to take more for themselves YOUR HOLY WRATH will descend on those who do not repent of selfishly sinning to win.

Take from me a heart of stone and turn it into a heart of flesh. Let me feel the guilt of my sins deeply and turn from the lies that motivates my hurtful actions, which are deeply embedded in my psyche.

Take the heart of stone out of those that I care about and love who even now are in rebellion against YOU and YOUR kingdom.

Give me a hunger and thirst for righteousness. Make it my greatest desire to be like YOU LORD Jesus. I want to behold YOUR face so that YOU may be perfectly reflected through me into all creation. This will be the fulfillment of my making.

Lord have mercy now.