Meditation on Psalm 15

Lord, who can abide with you in union and communion with YOU. Who can earn YOUR favor?

On the one hand Lord our duty is clear.

To be filled with a desire to be consistent and truthful in every action and love righteousness. A person who keeps their speech free of slander, gossip, verbal abuse, and emotional abuse will be accepted by YOU. The aim of the person who is to earn and deserve YOUR kingdom is to love and not hurt their neighbor. Such a righteous person is not desiring to hear gossip or believe it.

The acceptable person to YOU based on YOUR holiness does not justify the actions of others because they have influence or power. They put character ahead of how much cash a person possesses. The person worthy of being in YOUR loving and joyful presence is one that keeps their promises even when it brings them loss and difficulty. Their word is their bond.

There is no exploitation and hurting of others to get more financial profit in one who is righteous. Such a person will never be shaken or lose their full acceptance with YOU my LORD.

But on the other hand LORD who has done all of this?

The only person who ever has done all these this YOU manifested in the Lord Jesus the Messiah. YOU alone was sinless and righteous in every relationship LORD Jesus, only YOU could abide in God’s presence and fellowship with no fear of rejection or judgment based on YOUR moral performance.

However, the rest of us have fallen short of these ideals and could not earn or deserve fellowship with God.

But because YOU, Messiah Jesus took our condemnation for our sins upon YOURSELF and put to our account YOUR righteousness, we now are given union and communion with YOU as a gift, paid for with YOUR blood, dear LORD Jesus (Isaiah 53).

So now this righteousness is what GREAT God, YOU see when YOU sees us.

Now in gratitude for this gift I and strive to be like YOU LORD Jesus the Messiah.

I will strive for integrity, works of righteousness, speech that harms no one, refusal to listen to gossip, and not love money so much that I will sacrifice my character to get it. In all these ways I want to follow YOU my Lord Jesus Christ, not to earn union and communion with God but to express gratitude for all I have been given.

Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy. Amen