Meditation on Psalm 73

LORD, help me trust in your goodness and the value of seeking purity of heart even when it seems that the arrogant, those given to wickedness, and filled with pride prosper and gain advantage over the weak. They have no fear of YOU or YOUR judgment. My faith struggles because those dedicated to darkness and death, seem to be winning and YOU are not intervening to hold back the flood of their lies, violence, and exploitation. LORD, how long?
Is living a life of confession, repentance, and faith of no avail? I am chastened by YOU every morning because of YOUR love for me and desire to have me become more like you. If I expressed such doubts then this would betray the next generation of children who must decide how they are to live. LORD, help me to overcome my frustration, confusion, and doubts.
I am deeply troubled often as YOU know LORD with the problem of evil and pain. My spirit is troubled.
But I am reminded that YOUR day of judgment will come. It is ordained for all to die and then they must give an account of all they have done. When I doubt your goodness and greatness I am foolish and act like a senseless beast, not applying YOUR truth to guide my feelings.
YOU hold me even on my worst days. YOU are always with me even in the middle of my struggling doubts. YOU never forsake.
In this life you give me YOUR counsel and will provide me eternal glory with YOU at my death.
I have YOU. YOU have me. Besides YOU what else should I desire? My wisdom and abilities will fail but God you are my strength and encourager.
YOU will destroy those who rebel and do not fear YOU.
But YOU LORD are a refuge of hope to me when I am hopeless. YOU being near me, in fellowship with me, and fully accepting me is the good of myeline. Give me boldness to speak of all YOUR works of righteousness and mercy. Amen