Meditation on Psalm 23

LORD Messiah Jesus YOU are my good shepherd, provider, protector, and pilot of my life. At the times of most trouble, you take my soul into calm places and put within me contentment. You restore my soul and give me both the strength and wisdom to live right for YOUR glory and my good.

At times LORD, I see the impact of disease and death around me. These realities are very hard. Help me remember that YOUR presence and plan are with me always and allow me to gain from YOU a comfort and confidence.

Help me not fear even when it seems chaos is everywhere. Save me from panic. Provide me YOUR peace. Let me trust that YOU will work all things for good.

YOU have given me YOUR victory over the devil and his host of dark spirits. Anointing me with the HOLY SPIRIT and giving me every spiritual blessing. My life will overflow with good works and become light into this dark world. Because of YOUR great love for me then my life will be filled with YOUR goodness and mercy.

YOU are my ultimate home, family, refuge, and security. YOU and YOU alone are my hope.

Good Shepherd come to me now and help me feel YOUR presence and guidance in my life. Direct my paths this day. Calm my heart. Let me have a deep desire to follow YOU. Amen