Psalm 51 Meditation

LORD, today have mercy on me in light of YOUR committed love in dying for my sins and resurrection from the dead.

Have mercy on me and allow me to have the gifts of faith and repentance Blot out my moral debt by YOUR suffering. Wash me and cleanse me. Take from me my guilt. My lack of love makes me sad and ashamed of myself.

LORD teach me wisdom in my most secret soul and let me be honest with YOU since YOU know me inside out. I have rebelled against YOU and all my evil has been really directed towards YOU. YOU would be justified to condemn me forever for the great failings of love and compassion that my life reflects.

Purge me, clean me, wash me, heal me, rescue me, restore joy and gladness to my heart. Give me a voice of praise and appreciation for YOU, Dear Lord.

Remove my sins from YOUR presence through the sacrifice of YOUR blood and take off my account all my grave transgressions.

Fill me with YOUR HOLY SPIRIT and create in me a heart of flesh. Remove my hard heart of stone. Restore me and uphold me by YOUR amazing grace. Save me now!

Open my mouth and guide my life to make disciples. Allow me to feel deeply and profoundly a broken spirit. Let me feel real sorrow over the wrongs I have done and the pain I have caused.

Bring a deep and profound awakening to YOUR people and create worship that is done in spirit and truth. May the world see YOUR greatness in us. Amen