Dr. Norman Wise - Director of Living Water Christian Counseling

Meditation on Psalm 35

LORD, of power and goodness, now be my salvation from the attacks of the dark spiritual forces. Be my protector this day. Be the protector of YOUR Church this day.

Lord, those who devise evil and oppression let them be crippled in their ability to do harm and converted to YOUR revelation in the gospel. Protect Christians under persecution this day.

Help the Refugees from the Syrian war. Defeat Isis and President Assad. Raise up a righteous government for Syria so that all this blood and destruction will not be for nothing. Bring the gospel to the refugees and to the nation of Syria as never before so that many will be saved. Lord work in the rubble for revival.

Take from power the tyrants in North Korea. Cripple their ability to do harm and keep them from using nuclear weapons. Raise up a better government for them and unite Korea under one sane and stable rule. Open North Korea to the gospel.

Defeat the darkness and rule by YOUR light.

Let those who return evil for good be defeated.

How long, O LORD will you look on all the tears and insanity. Come quickly Messiah Jesus. Save masses from every nations, more than can be counted and then come and end the curse. Bring back Eden on steroids, end the rebellion. YOUR kingdom come and YOUR will be done on earth as in heaven.

Defeat lies and liars. Let all the deceitful words be found out. Take away all illusions. Protect the innocent and defeat the abusers.

LORD speak, Lord come, Lord awake, Lord rouse YOURSELF! Come now we desperately need YOU to act in manifest power today!

Revive, renew, regenerate, reform, and restore YOUR Church and let her be effective in being healing light and salt to the nations. LORD YOU are great and delight in helping YOUR Church fulfill her destiny. Destroy the gates of hell through her. Save YOUR people!

Great, good, and merciful LORD, have mercy today on us! Amen