Meditation on Psalm 64

LORD, sometimes the power of the enemy seems overwhelming and on every side. The dark lord and his legion of liars can cause me to live in dread and fear.

The abusers of this world oppress and hurt the innocent and manipulate events to profit them and steal from others. They do so without fear for they believe they do it is undetected. There are plans, conspiracies, and plots aimed at nothing but the harm of others for the gain of a few. Each day they strive to find more effective ways to do evil secretly and unpunished. Great LORD, knowledge of this moves my heart to grief, frustration, and panic. Help me!

LORD, shoot YOUR arrows at them. Either convert them and turn them from their abusive and manipulative course or cripple their ability to do evil. Reveal all their secret plans and bring them to frustration. Let the truth be known so that all of their plots will come to ruin.

Great Redeeming LORD, convert me. That part of me that can be an abuser change and deepen the repentance within me. Help me not be governed by selfishness but by YOUR sacrificial spirit. Save me from self righteousness. Let me experience and live in the fear of YOU.

Move in such a way in our times that no one can doubt that it is YOU that have done it. Shatter the secular illusion. Awaken a fear of YOU and of judgment day among us. Prepare our hearts to need the gospel of YOUR grace, crucified Lamb and living Lion.

Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy Amen