Meditation on Psalm 21

Great KING Jesus, Messiah, Promised ONE

I need your salvation and rescue this day. The evil seems so strong both at the international/national level and in the hearts of individual people. Darkness seems greater than light.

I need to see YOUR power and victory come in and YOUR prayers for the kingdom to come and will to be done on earth accomplished.

Please change my heart.
Please change the hearts of those I love
Please change the hearts of those lost
Please change the hearts in homes where despair and abuse rules.

LORD JESUS MESSIAH, you have been victorious in YOUR death for my sins and the sins of YOUR people and YOUR resurrection from the dead when YOU arose from the grave and now ascended to the right of God as HIGH PRIEST. In YOU is the victory!

Bring now the power of YOUR blood and the resurrection against the great array of lies and falsehoods both that surround us and are within us in strongholds of false perceptions and false beliefs. Crush our self righteous and pride. Let us see as YOU see us.

Aim at the face of the devil and his demons YOUR arrows of TRUTH and the power of YOUR resurrection and put them in full retreat. Take aim at the lies that enslave us and defeat them. Crush all the lies and illusions of my heart under YOUR feet. Now act. Now save. Now rescue.

Great MESSIAH OF LOVE AND REDEMPTION, LORD JESUS without YOU we have no hope. Be our hope this day. Be our SAVIOR THIS DAY!

We cry in desperation for we have no one but YOU.