Meditation on Psalm 47

YOU Redeeming Creator are the great KING over all creation and nations. YOU are the source of joy even here east of eden.

YOU have pushed back the tyrants and removed the worst of the oppressors from power. The darkest of evils have not prevailed in dominating the earth. YOU have preserved YOUR people even during times of persecution. YOUR promise is that the meek will inherit the earth.

Give us a song for YOU today. Let us see YOU and be in awe of YOUR power and wisdom. Let us see YOUR greatness, goodness, and grace so that we may proclaim them with passion, praise, and prayer.

Open the eyes and hearts of all the rulers of the earth. Grant our President, congress, courts, governors, and mayors to see that YOU are the one that has given them authority and that all of their power is to be used to establish YOUR justice on the earth.

Give them a heart to rule for justice only justice. Give them wisdom on what justice is and convert their hearts to your heart.

Let us with passion seek first your kingdom and righteousness in all of our affairs. Allow me to acknowledge YOU as my king in every action, attitude, and word. LORD Jesus be my king today in a very practical way. Rule over me.

Great KING come now and rule us and save us from our foolish rebellion against YOUR righteousness. AMEN