Dr. Norman Wise - Director of Living Water Christian Counseling

Meditation on Psalm 28

Great Living God who dwells in eternity and in my heart, the one solid foundation in my life, hear my prayers and do not fail to speak to me, for without a relationship with YOU I have nothing more than those who are still alienated from YOU.

Good Shepherd and High Priest, now hear my voice and pleas for YOUR merciful grace. I depend on YOUR sacrifice on the cross to pay for my sins and the power of YOUR resurrection that provides me rational hope as I come to YOU trusting that YOUR throne is now filled with grace towards me.

Lord, keep me far from the destiny of those that live in active evil and abuse others for their own gain. Either convert those who live for moral darkness and spread it like a disease throughout the world or cripple them by judging them according to their works and rewarding them with YOUR just judgment. Protect the innocent that they prey upon.

Convert or cripple Isis. Convert or cripple the North Korean government. Convert or cripple Assad and Putin.
These are lions that prowl the earth seeking to devour. Strip them of their power and possess them with YOUR SPIRIT.

Lord, help us help the orphans created by the Syrian war. Grant us to show compassion to the refugees. Guide us now in how we may do this. Bring the gospel to the refugees and allow many to be saved. Lord have mercy.

May the great reality of YOUR awesome attributes be clearly portrayed in every nation. YOU hear our cries to YOU for YOU are the God who hears.

Great Redeeming Creator, YOU are my power and energy. YOU are my protector and provider. Let me trust YOU from the deepest part of my soul. Let my heart sing praises to YOU for YOU are worthy of praise. YOU are my helper and hope.

Forever existent ONE and infinite in power, carry YOUR people through this difficult time. Be our Refuge and Redeemer. Good Shepherd carry us now. LORD, carry me through this day.

Great God of mercy have mercy, Merciful Messiah have mercy, Always present Spirit have mercy. Amen