Meditation on Psalm 7

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Creator of the World and Israel, True and Living Eternal ONE, who is the ultimate source of all that exists and lives, in YOU I find refuge, security, and protection.

The evil dark spirit lord and his followers prowl the earth seeking to tear my soul apart and rend it into pieces. His desire is to bring me to despair. Only YOU LORD my God can deliver me from his deadly desires. I resist him in YOUR name, YOUR gospel, YOUR victory, and YOUR sacrifice upon the cross. Be my refuge.

LORD my God I have done much that is not loving. I cannot stand before YOU in my righteousness and claim justification that would save me from just condemnation before YOUR throne. High Priest Jesus, be my advocate and helper. Only in YOUR payment for my sins and YOUR righteousness put to my account can I be safe from the accusations of the accuser. LORD my God, have mercy upon me.

I deserve the destruction the dark lord wishes upon me only YOUR grace can save me.

Arise, Living Resurrected Lord and express YOUR fury against the evil demonic forces of darkness and protect me in YOUR righteous wrath against their deceptions. Be a shattering light to their perversions of truth. Be my shield.

Good Lord, send the greatest revival of all time into all the nations. Awaken the masses to become true disciples. Make YOUR Church filled with loving and humble righteousness. Teach us to be like YOU. Bring multitudes from every tribe and nation into an experience of a transforming new birth from above and firm true faith in YOU.

Then come and end the rebellion. Bring judgment upon the world. Out of the ashes bring forth NEW EDEN. Let the suffering stop. Let the evil stop. May YOUR kingdom come on earth as in heaven.

Provide me a complete and deep repentance. Let me not trust in sin to win. Help me to see the beauty and value of righteousness. Convert me to the way of virtue over vice. Take away the lies that leads me into licentiousness instead of the truth that provide the true freedom of holiness. Keep me from self destructive actions that also bring harm on others.

Thank YOU LORD for YOU are good, great, and full of grace May I always have praise for YOU as I meditate upon YOUR promises. Let me trust in YOUR character, competence, and compassion this day. Messiah have mercy on me now. Amen