Meditation on Psalm 46

LORD, what can we do now? Where can we turn? Where can I turn?

You alone can provide me safety, strength, and help during times of great trouble.

Help me not be afraid of circumstances or human beings. Provide me confidence that you are great, good, full of grace, and orchestrating all things for the ultimate ideals and righteousness.

Be the fortress of YOUR people. Be the fortress of my life. Help us not to be moved and be in our midst. Manifest YOUR presence with us. Defeat the enemies of YOUR kingdom. Help us at the dawning of each new day.

Let me see in YOUR death, burial, and resurrection the ultimate victory over evil and sin. Help me see the good news as a shout of conquest and success.

Help me to be at rest before you and calm knowing that YOUR victory LORD is assured.

YOU will win over all YOUR enemies.

You have won over all YOUR enemies.

YOU are the KING of the universe with endless legions at YOUR command and YOU are a fortress for us that cannot be overcome.

We are safe in YOU. I am safe in YOU. Center my faith on YOU this day. Calm the fear of my heart.

Great and good living and true LORD have mercy on us today. Amen