Psalm 58 Meditation

The earth is filled with governments that do not judge rightly. Lord, look upon the injustice of the nations.

Look upon the poor, oppressed, and persecuted. Remember those who suffer.

Help those who YOU have made responsible to provide justice, recognize that they will have to answer to YOU for all the lies, manipulations, thefts, and murders they have done. May they see that all that they did selfishly and not as servants of love, will bring upon them YOUR perfect justice. Grant that they remember that to whom much is given, much is required. Give them a fear of YOU.

Help those who have been raised from birth to be tyrants, abusers, and users of others, be converted by YOUR SPIRIT and transformed into people of loving service. Either convert the leaders of ISIS, Syria, North Korea, and Russia or cripple their efforts to do harm and through causing other people pain get gain. Let them fall from power and raise up just rulers in their places

Comfort the families who have lost loved ones to senseless acts of terror. Have the plans of the terrorist be discovered by the authorities and let them be kept from doing harm. Grant they be captured. Neutralize their threat.

Melt away the power of those in power who are wicked and selfish. Allow every lie to be discovered and bring justice to those who have plotted to gain power by lies and deception. Grant conviction and confession. Bring YOUR salvation.

Give us the joy of seeing justice done on earth as in heaven. Save the weak, oppressed, and persecuted. Raise up men of gold to rule with justice and mercy. Raise up leaders who will lead us back to truth.

Awaken us great God of grace and mercy in Messiah Jesus. Shake the nations. Bring strong waves of revival to the Middle East and turn their hearts towards the true gospel.

Awaken the children of the covenant and those dedicated to YOU from birth. Have them remember the faith they were taught as children and return to the gospel of loving grace as their way of life. Convert their hearts and minds. Give them a hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Lord have mercy and end the injustice of the earth. Amen