Dear Friends of Living Water Counseling,

May God’s rich healing grace bind up our hearts and set our spirits free through the wisdom, sacrifice, and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Since 1990 over thirty thousand people have been taught, counseled, and trained in how to live more sane, stable, and spiritual lives through the ministry of Living Water Counseling!

Living Water is starting a new era with offices now in a shopping mall at 7684 North Nob Hill Road in Tamarac Florida we are planning to expand and increase our ministry over the next five years. Come if you can on Saturday, November 14th at 10 AM to get a tour of our new offices and hear about our plans for the future.

The last two years have been very hard ones for us. In January of 2014 was when we moved to Tamarac. Then my wife Terry became very ill in February 2014 and after hospitalizations and operations passed away to be with the Lord on July 14th of this year.

This has been the hardest two years in my life. So there have been many changes, difficulties, losses, and struggles, yet by God’s grace the ministry has continued and helped over 2000 people in the last couple of years. May God be praised for allowing the ministry to survive during this very hard season in life.

Our hope in this next year is to expand both our counseling staff, our community outreach, learning how seminars, and small process groups. We have partnered with “Ministry Ventures” to become better and more focused in what we are doing. They have equipped us with many good ministry and organizational tools. So we are better equipped than ever before to serve hurting hearts and homes in the coming year.

To do this we need your help. First and foremost we need your prayers. In addition we need volunteers and new board members. We are looking for people that have a passion for healing the broken hearted and comforting those who mourn (Isaiah 61:1-3).

In addition we need those who the Holy Spirit has led to financially support our ministry.
God’s provision for ministry comes through HIS people. Our hopes and plans for reaching more people this year.

What type of people? People like a young teenager who has been diagnosed with cancer and trying to handle it emotionally, the missionary family in crisis and need five hours of emergency counseling in one week and have no resources, and the couple near divorce that are at the end of their rope.

These and hundreds more come to us week by week seeking God’s wisdom and practical tools on how to cope with the sorrows and struggles of life “East of Eden”. All of these can be helped because since we are donation based we never have to turn anyone away due to a lack of financial resources.

So your support of our ministry financially makes possible for us to care for each of these people’s lives that are in crisis. Because people like you support us we are able to help families and individuals at crisis moments in their lives.

Please send us the most generous check the Holy Spirit would lead you to send at this time or give it through our “PayPal” account at .

Would the Lord lead you to become a monthly supporter? We desperately need more people to become regular monthly donors to help us. Pray about it and act upon whatever the Lord tells you to do. Thank you for considering this in prayer.
By grace alone,

Thanks for praying for us and being partners with us of this ministry.


Dr. Norman R. Wise
Living Water Counseling & Family Life Skills of South Florida

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