We sometimes make decisions which are not rational. We choose to speak words which have no logical way of helping the relationships we value. Some of our choices put either our physical, social, or financial worlds in danger. We make choices to do things that are not in our best interest. How could we try to stop this from happening?

The first thing we must remember is that “speed kills” in decision making. Only on rare occasions do decisions have to be made immediately. It is always better to think before we speak or act. When we are making significant decisions this is even more important. You don’t want to just react without thinking. Your goal should be to make the most wise, sane, stable, and God pleasing decision you know how to make.

So on important decisions always give yourself time. If you can “sleep on it” and during that 24 hours spend time carefully and prayerfully considering your decision. Here are some things to do during this time.

1. Pray for God’s wisdom in making the decision (James 1:1-4)

2. List every possible decision you could make. Write these out. Eliminate any possible decisions that would be immoral or violate your conscience. A good decision is never morally bad.

3. Under each decision write out the pros and cons

4. If other people are going to have to support this decision which one has the most support among those who will are impacted.

5. What is the worst thing that could happen as an outcome for each decision? Are you willing to live with that outcome if it occurs? How likely do you think this is? Is this a high risk decision or a low risk decision?

6. Do you have to make this decision now? Do you need more information or even more alternatives?

7. Which of these seem to be the best decision from you point of view?

Now in some decision you will want to also seek counsel from friends and family. The objective outsider can sometimes see things that we cannot see because we are so close to the situation. So write out your thoughts and give yourself time to carefully and prayerfully weigh your options before the face of God, desiring to make a decision that will please God as well as bring success into the situation.

Just taking the time to think before you make a decision can have a radical impact on your life. Try it for the next ninety days and see if you are not happier with the decisions you make this way than just reacting to events and making decisions on the run.