Most people believe in God. Few people think that they have a deep, profound, transforming, and personal relationship with God. God is a belief we have and not something very real in our daily lives. How could we change that?

The key is this: Understand that there are many pathways to positive experiences with the true God through the one bridge to God which is Jesus Christ. These pathways are tied to our personality types.

To understand how Jesus Christ can become our bridge back into fellowship with God go to the “Falling Plate” video and then return here.

Once we have been restored to fellowship with God in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ Jesus to make this relationship real we are going to have to seek to experience what we have been given as a gift. Different people will find various paths or methods the most effective.

Some of the most common are:

One path is finding God in the physical reality around us. This will include the realm of nature, art, music, movies, and any physical event that is seen as a window or door into God’s presence in Christ.
Another path is finding God through intellectual study of the scriptures and inner contemplation of truth. Since Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, some people have profound encounters with the divine presence as they see new truths, meditate on those truths, and inwardly process those truths within their minds.

Some find a path to God in expressing love for others both in practical acts of compassion to individuals and in the effort to bring about social reform that will help others live better lives. In the middle of showing compassion to others and fighting for social justice, people encounter God’s presence and power.

Some find a path to God in solitude, silence, and ritual. For these people it is in the quiet moments alone, just talking to God in simple ways, and using historic rituals or self-made patterns of worship that they feel and experience the living Christ in their lives.

Some find a path to God in public worship where they can express their faith in the words and songs of faith shared with other believers. For them the greatest encounters with God in their lives happens in community with God’s people in worship.

So which path would work for you?

Take the test at

This test will help you know the pathway to experience God’s love in Christ that best fits your personality. To know the best way for you personally seek God will save you from frustration and help your faith grow.

For those looking to take things to the next step I would recommend reading Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas.