Using Spirit Filled Logic To Solve Problems

By Dr. Norman Wise, Executive Director of Living Water Counseling

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with problems? Do you feel you are drowning in a sea of unresolvable and complex relationships and circumstances?

Try “Spirit Filled Logic” on facing these problems to find peace of mind and heart.

First step is to ask God to help you to properly define the problems you are facing. Separate your problems into different boxes and don’t lump them all together. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you discernment about how problems are different and yet relate.

For instance, separate problems in your marriage relationship from problems you have parenting your children.


What the problem is?

Why the problem is?

How the problem is?

Who does the problem impact?

When must the problem be solved?

How does God look at this problem?

This should help you define the problem clearly, prayerfully, and carefully. 

Decide to focus on one problem at a time. Don’t try to solve them all at once.

The next step is to ask the Lord to help you name and accept the emotions that come from these problems or that are causing the problem. Attempt to see the source of the emotions and note the “inner stories” that are the source of the emotions.

For instance, if your spouse watches T.V. instead of talking to you and you tell yourself, “See they don’t love me and care about watching T.V. more than spending time with me.” This will cause feelings of abandonment, rejection, frustration, and anger. Ask the Lord to allow you to admit your emotions and find the root of them. Also ask for the ability to feel the emotions but not act out in destructive ways based on this emotion.

The third step is to ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom about how to solve the problem you face. Prayerfully and carefully list all the possible solutions you can think about. Which ones would be most pleasing to God? Which make the most sense? Which are the most biblical? Write out these possible solutions in a journal.

For help with this you can order my book “Life Journaling”.  I provide forms to help with each stage of the problem-solving process.  Another book that can help is Plato, Not Prozac!: Applying Eternal Wisdom to Everyday Problems by Dr. Lou Marinoff .

The next step is to seek God’s guidance in deciding on which of these possible solutions is the one that you should apply right now to solve your problem. This may be a combination of several of the possible solutions you prayed about prior. Also list anything that would keep you from applying the solution consistently into your life.

Once you have chosen a solution commit it to the Lord in prayer.

Finally execute this solution in specific, measurable, concrete actions that you can realistically do in the next week. Ask the Lord to let you be flexible to adjusting the planned solution and be open to the leading of the Spirit as you move forward.

So instead of drowning in problems seek God’s help in solving them one by one.

I call this the P.E.A.C.E. process of problem solving.  I got this from Dr. Marinoff’s book and found it very helpful. 

Define the problems,

examine the emotions,

analyze the potential solutions,

contemplate what God’s will is for this problem,

and then execute that will practically in your life.

So, may the Lord help you define and defeat your problems instead of drowning in them from this point on.