How do we remain sane in an insane world?

Sanity is not easy to maintain. Sanity is the acceptance of reality, the ability to discern illusions, and adapting our thinking, actions, and attitudes to be consistent with the actual state of things instead of how we would like them or how others would want to convince us that they actually exist.

No one outside God is totally sane. Each of us are out of touch with some degree of reality. Indeed, one of the attributes of a sane person “East of Eden” is knowing that they are not in touch with all o reality and suffer from some degree of denial. This is a sane acceptance of our lack of sanity.

This allows us to seek to improve, grow, and learn to be more sane and allows us to escape the idea that our views are 100% consistent with what actually does exist. We admit we are not God and therefore our perspective is not 100% right. This also means we are humble instead of proud.

So we must strive to figure our reality is by attempting to be objective, honest, introspective, and self critical. Questioning our assumptions and wanting to know the truth even when it is uncomfortable for us. We must hunger and thirst for knowing ourselves as we really are and adjusting our views when given new information and insights.

So remaining sane means we must be lovers of truth and critical in our thinking. We must want to know what really is and make adjustments to our assumptions. By practicing this daily we can become more and more sane.