We can become free of depression!

Don’t think about depression being black or white – I am either depressed or not depressed but think of it in degrees. I am mildly feeling some depression or I have a moderate degree of depression, or I am severely depressed. Here are some way to weaken depression in our lives.

  1. Journaling has been shown to reduce stress and therefore also to help with depression if down for at least 20 minutes a day. There are different types of journaling but if you are just wanting to get it out, all the thoughts and feelings them poor it out in words or pictures, then don’t read this journal but destroy it after you have let it out. Your emotional mind will see this as a release of what you wrote and there is normally some emotionally release. The help in journaling is the journaling, not in the reading of the journal.

You should write out in a journal every good moment of your life and also seek to find every positive thing that happens day by day. This journal you should read regularly. A positive journal has been shown to have great impact on helping to overcome depression.



  1. Attempt to spend a time in worship each day releasing your pain and anxiety to the Lord, asking for the peace that goes beyond understanding, and asking for the filling of the Holy Spirit. It takes at least an hour in worship to get emotionally involved or healed in the process of worship. This should include singing to the LORD, prayers of lamentation, prayers of release, reading of significant scripture, muttering to yourself the promises of God, time of silence just accepting God’s presence, and reading a book that inspires or helps us understand our pain. As this become habitual in 90 days it can have great impact on restructuring the brain and disrupting the depression.




Spending a day with God may also help.

  1. Adopt an anti-depression lifestyle. Depression is a parasite of the soul sucking our life from us. We can create a lifestyle that starves depression. Depression will hurt us as we try to establish this lifestyle but if we prevail by God’s grace in Christ, we can see the power of depression weaken.

Here is an outline of this lifestyle

Many thoughts I have had on depression

May the LORD of hope and healing bring to you help through these ideas.