How do we handle fear?

Fear can eat is alive. It can freeze us when we should move. It can cause us to run when we should hold our ground. Fear is the mind killer. It provides poor counsel to guide us. Yet, it is hard not to give into fear since it can become an overwhelming power in our lives.

How can we handle our fear?

First we must make a distinction between realistic fears of realistic dangers and fears that are not realistic. In cases of realistic fear we must direct the energy of fear into prudent actions guided by ruthless logic that ask what is under our control to prevent or limit the pain and loss which we could suffer. This is a proper use of the energy of healthy fear.

If we see that our fear is not realistic then we need to reinforce this evaluation by telling ourselves the true story o the situation. Emotions are the fruit of the self talk we allow to dominate our minds. So if we choose a “story” about what is happening that does not reinforce our fear, then our fears will lessen. Our wills cannot overcome fear but we can will ourselves to tell ourselves healthy stories that undermine the feeling of unrealistic fear.

So do not run from your fear but face it. Look at your fear and determine if you should feel fear and then direct it into positive action to prevent harm or face your fear, debating its legitimate nature. By facing our fears this keeps us from panic and allows us to focus in our lives.

One critical part of reality that can keep fear from dominating our lives is to turn over our anxieties to God in prayer knowing that HE can make sure that they are going to work together for good (Philippians 4;4-8). So the use of passionate prayer to God in Christ can help us from being overcome by fear and panic.