I was talking to a friend today about how living in an illussion can seem safer than facing reality. If we see reality as offering no hope then lying to ourselves and denying the truth can seem like a good approach to life.

However, only by facing reality can we be prepared for what we must deal with in life. Only by facing reality do we prepare ourselves to react as we should and take the necessary actions. Now reality can be harsh, hard, disappointing, and painful. It can confront us with facts that melt our courage and strain our minds. But it also comforts us when we asknowledge, that we are living according to the truth and not some lie.

So we must desire to be “disillussioned”. Ready to really face how life is “East of Eden” and then strive to be representatives of logic and love in the middle of a world filled with distortion and denial. Only those who face reality can adapt to it. By facing reality we are looking for solutions in the real world.

So ask the Lord to help you see everything as it really is and to take from you denial about reality.

Such a desire can help us not waste our lives and efforts on empty dreams.