July 27th – Saturday at 5:30 PM

A free Seminar on:  How To Relate Christ to Culture?

Christians face a hard time knowing how to be “in their culture” but not become “like their culture”.   How do we really stand for Christ and seek HIS kingdom in the complex world of politics, business, and popular culture?   Can one really consistently follow Christ in the 21st century in America?  If so how?

Dr. Norman Wise will bring thoughts, insights, and practical tools on how to strive to be a effective and consistent follower of Christ in a culture that is more and more in open rebellion against the ways of Christ.   If you been looking for a way to relate your faith to real life, then this seminar is for you!


Lighthouse Christian Fellowship (formerly First Church West) Fellowship Hall

9904 NW 77th Street

Tamarac, FL 33321


There will be no light dinner offered at the Seminars.  Feel free to bring your own and eat during the seminar.